Welcome. I’m Kerry Hennessey, an avid artisan with a flair for the dramatic. Sewing has become my creative outlet to an otherwise chaotic world. When I’m not sewing, I’m designing new and intricate pieces. That’s my love in a nutshell!

I have never been the girl that needed more friends than I could handle nor have I been the girl who’s life is a Jerry Springer re-run. Actually I am quit shy and self reserved. After realizing that I spend the majority of my time being a mother, wife, and student….I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something just for me. Something that would get my creative juices flowing.

I started by dusting off the ole sewing machine and walking around the house trying to find areas that could use a little more pizzazz. Gee, my whole house needed a face lift. Off to the fabric store I went with ideas scrambling about in my head. A month later…..well lets just say that one whole corner of my house is now my makeshift studio with mounds of beautiful fabric spilling out of every nook and cranny.

Although my husband supports my hobby every step of the way, he was growing quit concerned over my fabric hoarding. That’s when a light bulb went off. I had so many pretty objects that I handcrafted just waiting for good homes. Through my creative visions, designs, and love of fabric….Bound Elements was born. I see each piece as a unique set of beautiful elements bound together….hence the name.

Creating beautiful accessories is an art form and consists of much more than merely assembling components. It involves conceptualization of an expression that can be shared and enjoyed by one or many. Creating a piece often begins with inspiration. We are fortunate when our inspiration evolves and is a continuous process. Inspiration is whatever, whenever and for the most part cannot be forced.


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